HMIS Steering Committee


  • The HMIS Lead Agency facilitates the Ventura County HMIS Steering Committee.
  • The HMIS Lead Agency drafts annual goals and a strategic plan in accordance with the Alliance Strategic Plan, for approval by the HMIS Steering Committee.
  • The Collaborative Applicant and HMIS MOU details the roles and responsibilities of the HMIS Lead Agency and the CoC Collaborative Applicant.
  • Membership includes broad representation of the service provider types in the Continuum’s HMIS.
  • All major HMIS initiatives, including HMIS Policies and Procedures, are reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee and then presented to the Governance Board for approval.
  • Provide information and guidance on issues related to the implementation of the HMIS to the full Alliance membership.
  • Regularly monitor HMIS data quality, performance metrics, and operational standards.