The Ventura County Homeless Management Information System (VC HMIS) Training curriculum has been modified to address training needs for local initiatives, Ventura County Continuum of Care  (VC CoC) priorities, and additional modules. Classes will be held virtually, where an overview and a system demonstration is provided in real-time.

The following VC CoC Programs Training videos are available for those who are new to the system or need a refresher:

Ventura County Coordinated Entry System CES Pathways to Home
Ventura County Coordinated Entry System CES Pathways to Home
Ventura County Continuum of Care Informational Video
Ventura County Continuum of Care Informational Video
Homeless Management Information System
Homeless Management Information System

HMIS training is available for new and existing VC HMIS users. For training inquiries, please e-mail Please provide detailed information regarding your request, and a telephone number where you can be reached.

VC HMIS Training Calendar 2022
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Description of the New User Training sessions:

CoC Programs Training

This course will provide an overview of all Homeless Services Programs available in our Continuum, address Coordinated Entry System and Referrals between projects, and Chronic Homeless Documentation overview.  This session is a requirement for all new HMIS users and is optional for existing users who have attended in the past.

VC HMIS Coordinated Entry System Training part 1 & 2

Learn how to enter a client into CES Pathways to Home, complete the screening assessment, run eligibility and  send direct referrals to HMIS service providers, as well as the process to follow for “paused” referrals.  This is a two part training.  Participation in both sessions is required.

VC HMIS Case Management Training:

Learn how to utilize VC HMIS for your own project. Information provided in this training will be; completing entries and exits, adding services and needs, entering client updates and annual assessments, all resulting in quality data for your program.

Minimum virtual training participation is four (4) persons. If less than four (4) are scheduled, we will contact the registrants to reschedule to a different time slot.



11/7/2022: New User Training – Programs

11/8/2022: New User Training – CES part 1

11/9/2022: New User Training – CES part 2

11/10/2022: New User Training – Case Mgmt.

11/17/2022: “Just In Time” CES Eligibility & Referral

11/17/2022: “Just In Time” Reporting

11/17/2022: “Just In Time” CES Exits

12/5/2022: New User Training – Programs

12/6/2022: New User Training – CES part 1

12/7/2022: New User Training – CES part 2

12/8/2022: New User Training – Case Mgmt.